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Shockwave Therapy  at Structure Integrative Healthcare

shockwave wand on legIt’s never too late to help your body heal. Our advanced shockwave therapy promotes incredible healing for both new and chronic injuries. This state-of-the-art technology releases a sound wave that enters the affected area and breaks down scar tissue, adhesions, and calcium deposits. As your body gets rid of damaged tissues, it replaces them with new, healthy cells.

Many people who have tried everything else with no relief are amazed by the results they get from this cutting-edge therapy. No longer held back by pain, tightness, or limited mobility, our patients are excited to jump back into life with all its passions and possibilities.

Dynamic Healing That Works

If you’ve been living with pain, it’s time to turn your life around. At Structure Integrative Healthcare, we find the root cause of pain, discomfort, and dysfunction to help bring you back to maximum health.

One of our approaches is shockwave therapy, originally developed in 1971 to break up kidney stones. Since then, this non-invasive therapy has been adapted to use the same method at a gentler frequency for healing damaged tissues throughout the body.

Boosting Circulation and Cellular Health

Shockwave therapy brings healing down to the cellular level. It causes your body to produce healthy enzymes that repair weak spots in cell walls. As the health of your cells improves, you’ll feel less pain and notice better functioning in the affected area.

This technique also boosts your circulation by breaking down damaged blood vessels. Your body will then build more blood vessels, delivering more oxygen to your soft tissues so they can stay healthy long term.

An Affordable, Non-Invasive Option

Whether you’re facing an acute or chronic injury, this therapy may be key in speeding up your recovery time. Shockwave can help relieve pain in any joint in the body, including your shoulders, hips, knees, ankles, elbows, and wrists. It is appropriate for damage in the ligaments, tendons, muscles, and tissues.

This therapy often reduces chronic pain from old injuries and prior surgeries. In some cases, it may offer a more conservative option to help patients avoid surgery, stem cell therapy, cortisone shots, and medication.

This innovative device doesn’t require any anesthesia and causes no scarring, downtime, or risk of infection. Patients love how affordable it is and how quickly it helps them get out of pain. We want to bring you back to the good life, without any limitations holding you back from your goals and dreams.

Comprehensive Care That Meets Your Needs

When you first come in, we’ll start with a thorough assessment and examination. It’s important to give an accurate diagnosis before we can build you a customized approach to care.

Dr. Cortney will then talk with you about a range of options we may use to improve your health. Your plan of care may include chiropractic adjustments, Active Release Therapy®, instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization, acupuncture, or Kinesio Taping®. While shockwave isn’t appropriate for everyone, many patients have found it to be a powerful and effective complement to other natural techniques.

Some people notice dramatic results in just one or two sessions. Others may need up to nine appointments for maximum relief. We’ll plan to space visits out, allowing anywhere from four days to six weeks between sessions. It’s essential to give your body the time it needs to rebuild and replenish before we continue with care.

What to Expect

Each session takes 5-10 minutes. During your appointment, Dr. Cortney will use a handheld device to release mechanical energy into the affected tissue. You may experience mild discomfort during your visit, as well as soreness afterwards. Please talk with us about what you’re feeling. We can adjust the level of the sound wave to make each appointment as smooth as possible.

The pain relief patients experience after receiving care makes any temporary discomfort well worth it in the end! Since this technique works with your body’s rhythms, you can continue with your regular exercise and activity routine, per your doctor’s recommendations. Physical exercise improves your metabolism and enhances the healing process, freeing you up to feel better even faster.

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