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Chiropractic Care

Methods We Use

At Structure Integrative healthcare we use a variety of chiropractic techniques, soft tissue modalities and adjunctive services to provide comprehensive care, including:

Why “Structure” Is So Important

“My goal is to create a very solid, strong foundation for the body to reach its optimum potential,” says Dr. Cortney. Through chiropractic care and good nutrition, your body can have the strength to do everything you want to do.

The name for Structure Integrative Healthcare was inspired by a chemistry professor Dr. Cortney had in chiropractic school. All throughout the several classes she had with him (organic chemistry, biochemistry and nutritional chemistry), he would harp on the idea that “structure dictates function.” This idea stuck with her, and when it came time to open her own practice, Dr. Cortney thought the word “structure” would best represent what she does as a chiropractor.

Let us work with you to help restore your structure and your health. Contact us today to begin your journey to better health!

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