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Pregnancy Chiropractic at Structure Integrative Healthcare

You live your life through your nervous system, but when you’re pregnant, your nervous system becomes responsible for your unborn child’s nervous system. Eliminating and keeping stress off of the mom’s nervous system directly impacts the growth and development of that child. Healthy pregnancies lead to healthy deliveries!

Safe and Natural Care

Our Webster Technique certified chiropractor provide gentle and specific adjustments that are safe for pregnant women and their babies. Dr. Cortney are also highly experienced in caring for pregnant patients, so you can know you’re in capable hands. She have more than 12 years of experience caring for expectant moms.

The Webster Technique

The Webster Technique is used to maintain the balance of the pelvis. For a pregnant mom, that means balancing her pelvis so that the uterus can sit inside that cavity and be as uncompromised as possible. A significant benefit of the technique is it helps the baby get into the most optimal position for delivery. The application of the Webster Technique results in an 82% success rate for preventing breech deliveries.

Here are some of the advantages moms-to-be can enjoy with chiropractic during pregnancy:

  • Reduces labor and delivery time by 24% and 39%
  • Decreases back, neck, joint and pubic bone pain
  • Balances the nervous system

We will have you complete a form that asks some more detailed questions about your pregnancy. These include what your goals are for your pregnancy and the kind of birth plan you wish to have.

The exam

Moms-to-be are like any other patient; however, they get two additional screenings. These are a round ligament check and a sacrotuberous ligament check. These ligaments can tighten in pregnancy and create constraints that pull on one side of pelvis. This unevenness causes the uterus to also be imbalanced structurally, which is not an optimal growing environment for the baby. We help to maintain a balanced pelvis so that both the mom and her baby can be happy and healthy throughout pregnancy.


At every stage of your pregnancy, we use highly gentle adjusting and examination techniques. During your initial examination we will use the CLA Insight Technology to scan your nervous system as well as check your blood pressure, heart rate, obtain your height and weight as well as perform orthopedic and reflex testing.

Could chiropractic help with fertility?

Yes, when your Nervous system and skeletal system are both well aligned they may help with hormone production and balance.  This may assist with improving the chances of fertility.

How early can a pregnant woman come in for chiropractic care? 

You can come anytime from when you’re trying to conceive throughout the entire pregnancy. Some moms have found it beneficial to come in while they are in early labor.

Should I come in for care after I have my baby?

It’s no surprise that childbirth takes a toll on a mom. Whether you had your baby vaginally or you had a C-section or a forceps delivery, your body went through trauma. So coming in for care following your birth will help balance your nervous system, realign the pelvis and entire spine which in turn supports both you mentally, physically and emotionally.

Get Started Today

Ready to discover how chiropractic can help you have a more enjoyable pregnancy?

Contact us to schedule an appointment for pregnancy chiropractic Naperville. You can also learn more about care for your infant after birth on our pediatrics page.

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